Video Transcription Expert Company

Video transcription service is the process of converting certain video files into text formats. It is the most useful method to help people understand the sequence and events occurring in a video. In today’s times, video transcription services are also highly helpful in the context of building new client relationships and attracting more traffic to your website.


How does a video transcript prove useful?

Every business owner who shares information with regular and potential clients through videos, finds having a transcript highly useful due to the following reasons:

  • Clarification can be obtained on information that could not be followed while watching the video.
  • The transcripts can be uploaded on your blog or website, pulling more visitors to it besides providing an avenue to highlight important company information.
  • Relevant keywords used in the transcripts encourage visitors to your website.
  • Existence of a transcript of your video is very useful to individuals who are hard of hearing. They are also needed to take care of viewers who can’t follow the heavy accents of the speaker.
  • The video transcribing consultant can provide a summary of the main points contained in your video to let your clients get a brief of your video contents.

Need for Outsourcing Video Transcription Services


Media professionals need to handle several video files on a regular basis and it is not just possible for them to spend time in doing in-house transcription for the same.  A reliable outsourcing partner is needed in such cases so that valuable time and money can be saved by the media professionals.  Reputed companies provide top notch quality services at affordable costs as per the requirements of the customer. At such times, it will benefit you greatly to outsource video transcription services to India. They offer multilingual video transcription solution to all your transcribing needs.

A reputed video transcription company has a team of expert video transcriptionists, proof readers and quality assurance professionals who guarantee 100% accuracy.

Key Benefits

Some key benefits obtained through outsourcing of video transcription services can be listed as below:

  • Expertise in the video transcribing services
  • Security of data
  • Foolproof quality assurance plan
  • Dedicated transcription team
  • 24 x 7 Support staff
  • Guaranteed Cost Savings
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Meet transcription needs in foreign languages

Outsourcing Foreign Language Video Transcription Services

Globalization has brought the world markets closer; at the same time it has lead to an increasing need for foreign language transcription services. English, today, is the most widely used language in all business dealings; closely followed by German, French, and Spanish etc. All business houses that have languages other than English as their basic language need transcription services which will convert their business-related information into English.  The trend of outsourcing all foreign language transcription needs to countries of Asia, especially India has fast caught on. Highest quality infrastructure, strict quality assurance levels, complete confidentiality of data, fast turnaround time are just few of the many reasons that have led various countries of the West to outsource video transcription services to India.

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